3 Reasons You Need A Career Coach

March 18, 2022

Hustling and wanting to make it big is every professional’s dream, especially when living in an increasingly competitive world where everyone believes in putting their best foot forward. When everyone around you is getting their game face on, a career coach might be the hidden edge you need to succeed. It is fascinating to know that so many people today feel burnt out professionally because they are only using a limited portion of their true potential. A career coach will unleash that potential and help your career grow to new heights, using personal and professional development.

It might be a tough pill to swallow, but, finding your dream job, getting it, and then succeeding in it aren’t as easy as everyone likes to believe. The truth is that the traditional job market in India is a highly competitive one. A career coach coaches and counsels’ people by assessing their current professional lives and focusing on their individual development and growth.

If you are one of those independent ‘do-it-yourself’ people who believe in the power of honest hard work, don’t shut the idea down just yet. Working hard is often discounted in a professional setting because most people don’t know how to capitalize on all the effort they put in. Sure, you can find all the research you want on generalized career advice on the Internet, but I guarantee that you will ultimately struggle to apply it to your own life because it is not the right advice for you. So, if having a person coaching you, giving you dedicated time and energy to help make the right strategic career moves, makes you a more accountable and focused individual, then, well, what are you still waiting for?

Finding a career coach to guide you through essential decisions takes nothing away from your own capabilities and self. In fact, it is a smart way to invest in your personal and professional development, and subsequent, career growth. When you invest heavily in the way you present yourself to the world through the latest gadgets and bespoke clothing, why not also give yourself an inside edge when it comes to unlocking your true potential?

If you’re still on the fence about getting yourself a career coach, here are three critical reasons I believe getting a career coach will transform your career and mindset.

• Reason #1: They help you get back on your feet

If you are one of the many affected by the mass layoffs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic or even just confused about where your true passions lie, a career coach might be the answer you needed all along. A career coach can help you accelerate your job search and aid you in analyzing, understanding, and dealing with problem areas on your resume, such as unemployment gaps, lack of testimonials, terminations, etc. They also help you find out exactly you want in a dream career, instead of constantly job-hopping, looking for answers in the next opportunity.

When you are unemployed, time wasted becomes money poorly spent. A well-tailored resume is not enough to get you back into the job scene. A career coach can help you get back into the workforce in an efficient and expedited manner by holding you accountable and supporting you through your professional journey. They are not only for people looking for immediate help but are also a great asset if one is under-appreciated at their current job, or are returning to work after an extended break or leave of absence, or looking to transition to a new organization/industry/employer.

• Reason #2: They push you in the right direction

A career coach helps you develop a solid job search campaign. As I’ve said before, the job market in India is a cutthroat and competitive arena, and job hunting has become a highly competitive game. Candidates have to often go in blind because they do not know how many other applicants they are competing with and how their individual strengths, abilities, and experiences compare on with the rest of the applicant pool.

Furthermore, the job search process is designed to cut out everyone but the one person suited for the role. That exclusive selectivity requirement means that every time you apply for a position, you need to perfectly fit the desired description and market yourself just the right way. Your career coach and personalized campaign help you actively target enough of the right firms so that your efforts can lead to the generation of multiple top-tier job offers from companies you actually want to work at.

• Reason #3: They can unlock your inner leader

Despite what others may tell you, you don’t necessarily need a management degree to grow professionally. A career coach helps unlock your inner leadership potential by focusing wholly on your career’s growth and by creating a definite and planned career roadmap that allows you to meet your desired career goals. This roadmap includes bringing your subject matter experience up to speed and critically working on your interpersonal skills, emotional quotient, and conflict resolution abilities.

Time is money, and a career coach guides you in making the right moves to ensure your career continues to thrive and grow. Investing time and effort in your hard and soft skills development is paramount to remaining relevant and continually reinvents you for the next step up. Getting a helping hand that holds you accountable and supports you in making decisions that affect you in the long-term is one of the most important ways you can invest in yourself and your growth.