Here’s The Answer To, ‘Why Are YOU The Best Candidate For This Job?’

March 18, 2022

Imagine this: You’re interviewing for your dream job, and so far, it’s been going perfectly well. You’ve got this in the bag, or so you think until your interviewer decides to end the conversation by asking you one last question; a perfectly common one: “Why do you think you’re the best candidate for the job?”

If your mind went momentarily blank while you pondered over the perfect way to answer it, you’re not alone. In fact, many emerging professionals often take too long a pause while answering this very question. According to Google, ‘Why are you the best person for this role/job?’ is the third most frequently asked question at job interviews. The other two being: “Can you tell me about yourself?” and “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”

Most people overthink this question because they end up overanalyzing what they think the interviewer wants to hear. The urge to people please is exceptionally high in interviews, especially when you really want the job. The reality of it all is, however, quite simple. The question isn’t a trick designed to trip you up. There’s no hidden checklist the interviewer is trying to tick off by making you answer it. They want to know YOU better, the real-life human version of you behind the perfectly tailored resume. It’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase your passion, confidence, and understanding of what the job requires of you.

Even if they don’t explicitly ask you this question, be ready to answer it, nonetheless. At this stage, you are competing against equally qualified individuals for the job. Take the opportunity to set yourself apart by telling them what you bring to the table.

A little preparation (and this article) is going to change the way you face interviewers and their seemingly innocuous questions, regardless of the type of position you’re applying for. Here are 6 ways to let job interviewers know you are the best candidate for the job:

(1) Showcase What You Will Bring To The Table (or Company)

Research the company you’re interviewing for, its goals, and what the job requirements are beforehand. Your specific and relevant skills and qualifications will set you apart from the crowd. Instead of listing down the evident skills from your resume you’ve already discussed, showcase other abilities that make you the right person for the role.

It’s an excellent opportunity to reiterate your knowledge and passion for the role you want and gives the interviewer a more in-depth insight into why you perfect for the job.

(2) Convince Them by Giving Them Proof

I can assure you that every time a job applicant says generic things like “I am confident” and “I have strong leadership skills”, interviewers mentally roll their eyes into the back of their heads. Why? Because they have heard it all before. Its what every interviewee says.

Instead, give specific and quantifiable answers to highlight your skills and abilities to set you apart. Highlighting prior experiences and achievements through examples convinces interviewers of your talent and your know-how. Your uniqueness comes from telling your story during the interview. It’s also a fantastic way to showcase your communication and interpersonal skills to the interviewer!

(3) Be Confident About Your Abilities

It is easy to feel self-deprecating or modest when someone asks you why you are the best person for the job. As long as you don’t answer it along similar lines, you’ll be great! The truth is you ARE the best person for this job. You want it, and you’ve got the know-how to excel at it, so why shouldn’t you want to share that knowledge?

Being confident and building on that confidence are necessary life skills, especially in one’s professional life. Don’t let your insecurity of being vocal of your abilities hinder you from going after your dream job.

(4) Practice ALL the Possibilities

We know that we have to study and prepare for examinations, so why not prepare for interviews along the same vein? The only sure-fire way to make sure a job interview goes smoothly is to prepare for it. Research the job description, the company ideals, and look up commonly asked interview questions online to prepare for the interview.

This is incredibly timely information for fresh graduates applying for jobs and others trying to expand their horizons. In any case, it will reduce anxiety during interviews so you can answer questions with ease.

(5) Be Clear and Concise

Remember how I told you that you could ace your interview by highlighting experience through examples? Please take care not to use that an excuse to ramble throughout the interview. It is easy to get lost in the point you are trying to make, and when that happens, you lose the interviewer’s interest as well.

While practising for the interview, make sure you time yourself to 2-3 minutes to avoid rambling. When you stick to the point and are concise while answering questions, you ensure that you use your given interview time to highlight your best skills, rather than wasting it away.

(6) Be Honest

While it might be tempting to embellish your achievements, experience, and skills for the sake of getting the job, I highly recommend never doing it. Overpromising and underachieving is not a great skill to be known for. Even if your little white lies get you the job, your recruiters can almost always call you out on it by contacting your previous employers. If not that, you can be caught on the job as well. If that does happen, it does not bode well for your future employment opportunities.

Your professional reputation should never get tarnished because you couldn’t deliver the promises you swore you would during a job interview. Play up all the skills you do have, instead of trying to fake the ones you don’t.

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