Your Emotional Baggage Is Holding Back Your Career

March 18, 2022

We all have baggage. We carry a lot of what doesn’t serve us anymore in our heads. And it takes courage to deal with all those broken pieces of our lives. But how you deal with it is important, because when you peel back this onion – a lot of ugliness will rear its head. A lot of trauma will come up.

Developing the mindset to be able to acknowledge that things happened to you that were not fair, were not right – is developing the ability to not argue with reality. Because when you argue with your reality you lose 100% of the time.

But then learning how to experience all the pain of those events and most critically letting it go is what the grieving process is truly all about. The things that happened cannot be undone, but how they served you can be reinterpreted. And only you have the power to do that. Don’t let the past hold you prisoner any longer, learn how to process these things out, because holding onto their ugliness doesn’t serve you anymore. But reinterpreting the story can give you the fuel that is missing for you to go on to achieve amazing things.

I wish I could tell you that this process is easy, the truth is for most of us, this will be the hardest thing we ever do. But no one who ever accomplished amazing things had an easy past. Learn how to earn this important right of passage, because the last chapter of your life is not yet written.

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